Become a SharePoint Guru overnight*

29 01 2009

* Ok maybe not overnight, but the below will give you access to the best content the web has to offer! The rest is up to you!

A lot of people are aware of all the web2.0 sites, most of you are users, but aren’t  aware of how you can harness the power of their content.

RSS Social Aggregators

RSS Social Feeds

Just a few well placed searches grab the RSS and you have cornered the web. Why stop there? Share this with your co-workers in an RSS viewer within your SharePoint Teams Site!

Check below for sites by category you might be already a user sitting on a goldmine of information and not know it!

Web2.0 sites categorised

Web2.0 sites categorised

See Getting ahead in your niche with RSS and social media for more indepth description.

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How to get ahead in your niche with RSS!

6 12 2008

Where to start? You may have a business in a niche, a hobby or maybe an area of interest within your work environment. How good would it be if you could collect all the information from all over the web into one location? Get the latest articles, news, find out what other people with similar interests are reading, doing, recommending & see what experts are up to in that topic. Sounds good doesn’t it! Too good to be true? No not this one read on…

For the article I’ll show you how to use encapsulate information around a topic. I’m going to use Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007. Keywords SharePoint, moss2007, moss.

We are going to use the following sites, once you get the jist of things use any resource. You will need an RSS reader i use Google reader, it is a great RSS reader recently visually updated if you want to use it check out my post on how to use Google reader. The main reason i use it is because i can organise the feeds & scroll through the title of posts quickly and pick out want interests me.

First identify your keywords.

Open Google reader and create a folder that all the RSS feeds will live in for this topic.

Then get onto delicious you will need an account to do this. See my post on how to create subscriptions on delicious. Once created you will be able to subscribe to this as an RSS feed. Your browser should display the orange RSS icon.

Auto RSS recognition in browsers

Auto RSS recognition in browsers

Add the RSS feed to the folder created within Google reader.

Bang you now have recommend reading on your topic. You can adjust your delicious subscription to display most popular, recent or be greedy and subscribe to both.

Go to twitter search site as above, here is a list of results for #sharepoint. I think your probably one step ahead of me all ready yes its results are an RSS feed add it to Google reader. You have now got a list of tweets that are about your topic. The list will contain what people are saying, thinking & reading about your topic. Repeat this with a variation of keywords (put a hash in front see my post on twitter hashtags for why) to find the best channel, thread, subscription or whatever you like to refer to it.

While on twitter search (you need an account to do this) follow some of the people who tweet about your topic. You may find they are experts in this topic. That may be useful later on, say if you tweet a question to your followers? Think of the quality of the answer if they are experts. Go to your home page again this is an RSS feed and subscribe to it. You will now see what the experts are up too!

Go to Google news, as above, and search your keywords. The results are not just articles but white papers appear here and yes its an RSS feed subscribe to it.

Last but in by no means least go to FriendFeed (you need an account for this). FriendFeed collect various feeds (which a user wishes to broadcast) from various web2.0 sites ie flickr, youtube etc… Go to the search facility and search see my result list it returns the latest information from everyone with SharePoint as a keyword. Guess what I’m going to say? Its’ results are an RSS feed. FriendFeed also has a features called rooms, the rooms contain information on a opic see if you can find a room for your topic.

By now you should have a folder within Google Reader that has the latest and most popular information on your topic.

Watch out for that orange rss icon on other sites it might be more useful than u think!! Happy feeding!

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