Spotify changing music forever?

27 01 2009

Are Spotify changing how we listen to music forever? My friend Ben (Now there’s a man with his finger on the pulse!) has just introduced me to Spotify a music player with a similar look to iTunes (except its smoother) all the music is stored online. No purchasing! No downloading! Drag and drop interface, just click around artist / track / album it instantly plays a full track not a snippet!

Spotify desktop client

Spotify desktop client

This is everything iTunes wants to be… Damn sexy UI. Slick search facility access to almost every song (its still in beta).

Collaborative playlists love this concept, I like‘s neighbours and ‘listen to own radio’ but this takes it a giant leap further and leaves iTunes eating dirt.

When looking at an artist you have access to the bands other tracks, albums, compilation albums they appear on as well as a biography.

If  iTunes and got freaky and had babies this would be the result. I have only used it a few days but i think the concept is awesome and very impressed with the UI sooooo slick.

The only drawback (if you can call it a drawback) is there are adverts on the free version (but i’ve only heard 4 so far tonight), there are 2 other pay accounts available. A day pass and a monthly subscriptions £0.99 & £9.99 respectively. As Ben pointed out “The 99p day one is ideal for parties! No adverts, you can build the party play list in advance, amazing!”.

Correct me if i’m wrong but i think there are apps in the pipeline for the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.As soon as this goes portable it will explode!

Its currently access by invite only to the free section but join Mixifier App on Facebook and follow the instructions for a chance to get the priviledge of testing this out! Then get collaborating…

For a consumer this is potentially a great deal, but i’m not sure what sort of impact this will have on the recording industry?! What about royalties? Cant be good, can it?

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