SharePoint for Dummies

18 06 2009

SharePoint for Dummies from the for Dummies series offers some great tips on getting started with SharePoint covering all the topics you need.

From the Back Cover
Match SharePoint to your specific business needs.

The fun and easy way® to deploy SharePoint in your business today!

Are you stymied by SharePoint? This plain–English guide offers simple instructions and focused coverage of this powerful tool, giving you practical solutions to real–world SharePoint challenges. You′ll install SharePoint, create sites and grant access, manage data and business processes, use sites to improve employee relations and marketing, put interactive reports and forms on a portal, and much more!

  • Set up a SharePoint portal
  • Manage portal content and Office documents
  • Integrate Office 2007 with SharePoint
  • Use SharePoint to collaborate
  • Create personalized sites
  • Monitor and back up your portal

Table of Contents


Part I: Setting Up SharePoint.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know SharePoint.
Chapter 2: Installing SharePoint.
Chapter 3: Creating the Site Hierarchy.

Part II: Exploring SharePoint’s Building Blocks.

Chapter 4: Introducing Sites and Site Content.
Chapter 5: Navigating SharePoint.
Chapter 6: Granting Access to SharePoint.
Chapter 7: Managing Data with SharePoint.
Chapter 8: Managing Business Processes with SharePoint.

Part III: Improving Information Worker Collaboration and Productivity.

Chapter 9: Using SharePoint for Collaboration.
Chapter 10: Communicating with SharePoint.
Chapter 11: Using Portal Sites.
Chapter 12: Configuring Profiles and My Sites.
Chapter 13: Personalizing Sites.
Chapter 14: Searching the Enterprise.

Part IV: Enterprise Applications for SharePoint.

Chapter 15: Exploring Document and Records Management.
Chapter 16: Publishing Web Content.
Chapter 17: Providing Access to Business Intelligence.

Part V: Administering SharePoint.

Chapter 18: Administering and Monitoring SharePoint.
Chapter 19: Backing Up the Server.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten SharePoint Resources Worth Checking Out.
Chapter 21: Ten Positive Outcomes from Implementing SharePoint.

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